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Sabrina Joinery. Experts in wood.

Wood exudes a natural charm which Sabrina crafts to unique character

As far as improvements go, adding wood to your home really does add character. The grain patterns are as unique as fingerprints, and each one installed will exhibit a charm of their own.

Wooden doors and windows… nothing says more for your home, with added benefits

Wooden doors and windows not only look beautiful, but they also have characteristics such as high security, long life, insulating properties, and they can also meet with fire door regulations. And with our Accoya installations, you get the benefit of high-performance innovation with Accoya’s treatments helping your beautiful wood last a guaranteed 50 years.

The natural beauty of wood adds charm to any property

A reputation for excellence

Our products are designed and handmade in the UK. Sabrina’s strengths lie in the design and manufacture process, with each project being completely bespoke, and hand-crafted in our Shropshire workshops. Every design is carefully planned to not only give you a wide range of choice, but also to show off the beauty of the wood.

Sabrina oak, for instance, is crafted using traditional methods, seasoned oak is kiln dried, then hand-cut in specialist workshops using techniques passed down through the generations. The result is individual style, care and attention—with all the tricks of the trade and magic created by skilled craftsmen.


Oils, hardwax oil, stains—beauty therapy for wood

Sabrina’s own oils and stains are specially formulated to protect and beautify the wooden surfaces of your home. So if wood is on your list of home improvement our special formula oils, stains and waxes are ideal.

Materials we love

The choice of wood really matters, so we take the guesswork out for you
    English Oak

    We work with English Oak to produce doors, windows, flooring and more

    English Oak
    Strong, dependable, traditional
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Why use Sabrina Joinery?

Great ideas and designs

We've been working with wood for over 30 years, and we're always innovating

Handcrafted in the UK

Our craftsmen still use traditional methods in everything we do

We love what we do

Because we're passionate about wood, everything we make is done with love

Made to order

We don't keep stock, we hand-craft everything that's ordered