Accoya at Sabrina Joinery

Accoya is a performance-modified timber which uses a process called acetylation which effectively eliminates rot and defies the elements. Guaranteed for 50 years above ground or 25 years in the ground, this amazing alternative to standard hardwood is great to use and look at from decking, to windows, to doors, to porches.


After some extensive testing, Accoya has proven to be universally reliable. Dimensional stability, durability, paint retention and in-ground testing has been rigorously carried out to ensure this product is optimally balanced for performance and beauty.

So good is the reputation of Accoya that it’s currently the benchmark by which scientists measure other treatments and modified timbers.

Sabrina and Accoya

Sabrina’s craftsmen are certified Trained Users of Accoya, and were early adopters of this amazing material since early 2014. Our skills in working with wood in our handcrafting workshops has been boosted by the benefits Accoya brings.With it’s amazing durability and stability, it’s perfect for two of our key products: Doors and Windows.

More information

There is a wealth of information available at the Accoya website: